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Anonymous: Please post more I love your blog:)

Thank you so much! But you’re right, I need to post more. So I will :)

Anonymous: Do you think you would post any Jensen Ackles on here?

Yea, I’ll keep him in mind, I know a lot of people on here love him haha

princess-of-hollywood: Do you just have to post brooklyn beckham

I will keep him in mind as well :D Those Beckhams are cuties

princess-of-hollywood: May you post a picture of James Dean plz 😍

Sure! I will keep him in mind 

Anonymous: do you take submissions?

Yes! Please submit anytime :)

Anonymous: Could you post more from zayn malik plssss :3

Sure, I will keep him in mind.

storm-cas-vamp: Your blog makes me smile even when I want to cry

Sounds like my blog is your happy place :D whenever you’re sad, you’re always welcome here, haha. Hmm, I just may post something tonight.

storm-cas-vamp: I have been on your account for like 2 hours I love your account thank you for being alive

Haha, well thank you for checking it out! I’m happy you like it, positive feedback gives me a reason to keep posting :D